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We specialize in eDrum Parts & Components for Acoustic-to-Electronic Drum Conversions, eDrum Upgrades & V-Drum Part Replacement.

It's been a privilege providing Out-of-this-World Products & Service since June 2003!
Thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.  

In 2003, this all began in an eBay store, buying, refurbishing and reselling Roland (and other top brands) electronic drumming components and hardware.  

As the years progressed, I diversified by sourcing, building and selling replacement parts for Roland V-drums, which in time lead to the creation of complete electronic drum assemblies that were in demand by DIY drummers building e-drums from scratch and through acoustic conversions.

Today, UFODrums provides Acoustic-to-Electronic Conversion Trigger Assemblies, Piezoelectric Ceramic Triggers, Foam OctaCones/Cones, Rubber Rim Protectors and Mesh Heads.

Again, thank you eDrummers ~ you are all Interstellar!