Bundles comprise of: 1) Internal Trigger Assembly; 2) Panel-Mount TRS 1/4" Jack; & 3) Rim Condom, for 3 thru 7 Drum Kit Sizes.  You get to choose your Snare size (12-14"), your Tom size(s) (6-18") & your Bass Drum Size (14-24").  We will match your 1/4" Jack style choice and Rim Condom's to the Kit Size and specific Drum Sizes chosen.  All you need beyond that is an acoustic shell kit, ready for conversion, and possibly some mesh heads if that is your intended direction.

Bundles are priced with stacked discounts - Qualifying quantity pricing on all three components and approximately a 10% discount on top of that!

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eBridge Multi-Drum (3-8 Kit Sizes) Conversion Bundles w/Foam OctaCone
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eBridge's built upon order, include custom requests, ships in 2-5 Business Days