Rim Protectors

Rubber Rim Protectors - aka, Rim Condom's and Rim & Stick Guards.  The Rim Condom was born out of the need to refurbish damaged/worn Roland vDrum rubber coated hoops in 2006 at a time when the only other option was to purchase a completely new rubber coated die-cast hoop ($$) direct from Roland. 

While I can't say that the Rim Condom was the world's first alternative to Roland's solution or the first after-market replacement rubber rim protector product, it clearly made an impact with acoustic and electronic drummers around the world!

The Rim Condom has an unconventional name because of this original packaging inspiration.

Along the way, I've acquired a few cute quotes from drummers around the globe and here's a few "clean quotes" I can share:

"Drummers - Play Protected" 
"Drummers - Always wear a Rim Condom for protection" 
"Don't go gigging without your Rim Condom" 
"Remember what Mom always said - "wear clean underwear, in case you are in an accident, and ALWAYS carry a Rim Condom to the clubs" 
"If your sticks could talk, they would say, "I sure like the feel when my wood meets the rubber!""
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