SideArm 35mm Piezo Foam OctaCone
SideArm 35mm Piezo Foam OctaCone

SideArm Internal Drum Trigger Assembly w/Foam OctaCone

Price Starting From: $42.00
SideArm's built upon order, include custom requests, ships in 1-3 Business Days
Part Number:SA-OctaCone
  • Exceptional :Internal Side Triggering & Superior to any External mounted trigger
  • Drop-in Installation:SideArm mounts directly to existing lug hardware - No Drilling
  • Side-mounted:Eliminates Center-drum Hot-spot
  • Works with:Acoustic or Mesh Heads (1, 2 & 3-ply)
  • Minimal Muffler Effect:for Acoustic-Electronic-Acoustic Playing
  • Rubber Isolation Mount:Significantly dampen cross-trigger vibrations
  • Made in:the U.S.A.

Choose Options

L-bracket Dual/Stereo Rim Trigger Add-on (+$20.00)
Additional 4" (Head) wire harness length (+$1.00)
Optional 1/4" Panel-Mount Jacks help
Long Stem 1/4" TRS Jack (+$7.40)
Short Stem 1/4" TRS Jack (+$4.20)
Locking 1/4" TRS Jack Black (+$8.40)
Locking 1/4" TRS Jack Silver (+$8.40)
36” Cabled 1/4" TRS Jack External Lug-mount (+$23.96)
Optional Rim Condom (Rubber Rim Protector) help
6" Rim Condom (+$10.00)
8" Rim Condom (+$11.00)
10" Rim Condom (+$12.00)
12" Rim Condom (+$13.00)
13" Rim Condom (+$14.00)
14" Rim Condom (+$16.00)
16" Rim Condom (+$17.00)
18" Rim Condom (+$18.00)
Optional 3-Ply Mesh Heads help
8" White 3-Ply Mesh Head (+$31.00)
10" White 3-Ply Mesh Head (+$39.00)
12" White 3-Ply Mesh Head (+$47.00)
14" White 3-Ply Mesh Head (+$63.00)
16" White 3-Ply Mesh Head (+$71.00)
18" White 3-Ply Mesh Head (+$79.00)
Quantity Pricing
  • 3+
  • $40.00
Complete internal side-mounted single trigger assemblies for DIY acoustic-converted, electronic drums
“Exceptional Internal Side Triggering”
  • SideArm mounts directly to existing lug hardware - Vertically Adjustable - No Drilling - working with standard acoustic drums (wooden, metal and acrylic shells)
    • on rare occasions, additional lug screw length is needed for mounting, L-bracket orientation adjustments needed for shallow shells or non-ordinary lug location, or L-bracket needs modification for drums with inner bearing edge shell reinforcement
  • The Piezo/OctaCone riser is vertically adjustable to fine-tune contact/pressure with drum head and isolated from shell vibrations through a rubber dampener on the L-bracket
  • 35mm Piezo's utilized on all drum diameters
  • Default lead wire length is 14” from Piezo/OctaCone & includes quick-connects for jack post connections – additional harness wire length is available by custom upgrade
  • Single/Mono zone is standard - add L-Bracket Rim Trigger Add-on for dual/stereo zone triggering - Piezo triggers are velocity sensitive
  • Complete with ultra-durable "Conical-Styled" Foam OctaCone
  • Works with acoustic or mesh heads (1, 2 & 3-ply).  2 & 3-ply mesh heads provide for optimal trigger performance and best mesh head play-ability experience
  • Installation guide provided via email at time of shipment
5 Stars
The dude
Big fan of these rigs. Currently use Roland td-20 with pd125 snare and kd-10 pedal. Acoustic converted toms with mesh heads and no one knows I'm playing electronics. Td-20 has presets for rim triggers and they work like a charm with my sidearm...I didn't need to adjust the settings at all. I have been testing them thoroughly and they have never missed a hit and don't have any crosstalk. I am very impressed and highly recommend them. Mitch is extremely helpful....and an awesome dude!
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Reviewed by:  from Ontario, Canada. on 3/14/2017
5 Stars
The one and only
When I started converting my acoustic kit, I wasn't sure if I wanted a side-mounted or centered piezo. I started with a single center-mounted piezo, but then decided to do side-mounts for the remaining 4 toms. These things are rock solid - they are super easy to set up, they fire a nice strong signal to my module, and they stay right in place. Loving the process of converting my kit so far, and I'd strongly recommend these side-mounts.
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Reviewed by:  from VERNON HILLS. on 2/27/2023
5 Stars
No trouble even on 16" tom
I finally got around to converting my acoustic kit to electronic, and I'm so glad I did. I was initially a little worried about using a side mount with my 16" floor tom because I've heard it can be hard to control chattering with such a large drum. As it turns out, my fears were unfounded, because I set up my floor tom the fastest (in fairness, I'd done 4 other drums at this point, so I was also getting pretty good at it.) I wish I had known how easy drum conversions were before. While it's a little more DIY than going out and buying an electric kit, it feels so much more natural to play and it ended up being significantly cheaper than what I paid for my Roland TD17. One last note if I could do things over again: I thought I would save a buck by buying a bunch of 1/4" jacks in bulk from Amazon instead of from here. If you only want single zone on all of your drums then those work absolutely fine. However, if you want dual zone, the jacks here are the way to go. The ones I initially got on Amazon only had a single ground, which was a little janky when setting up dual zone. The ones I found on Amazon that had two separate ground connections ended up being more expensive than the ones here *plus* I had to wait an extra day for them to ship. Learn from my mistakes and buy the jacks from here if you're going dual zone.
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Reviewed by:  from Portland, OR. on 3/24/2022
5 Stars
Excellent Product!
Very easy to assemble and setup. Quality feel and performance. If I had more shells to drop these in, I'd definitely get more!
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Reviewed by:  from Sacramento, CA. on 11/30/2020
5 Stars
Work great on toms!
I used SideArms for my 10/12/13" toms and the response is spot on! Simple install too. I went with the OctaCones because I like their design.
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Reviewed by:  from Sacramento. on 7/16/2019
5 Stars
Very happy with these!
Installation was super easy, and these things are solid! I'm using a Roland TD-30 and these perform much better than the external Roland triggers I had been using. I upgraded my order to the larger piezos & the sensitivity picks up the lightest hits with no false triggering...even on the 16" floor tom. Combine these with the 3-ply mesh head, and you're all set.
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Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 1/22/2018
5 Stars
The SideArm makes it SO MUCH EASIER!
I recently converted an acoustic snare to electronic by using a wooden crossbar attached with L-brackets. It was not too hard to put together, but then Mitch told me about the new SideArms. I had to put together 4 toms, so I gave the SideArms a shot. This saved me a lot of time and hassle. I love the foam pyramid. The 2-way height adjustment is a great and versatile feature (by moving the bracket OR adjusting the screw/wing nuts), and the large L-bracket can be flipped over if needed to fit properly in your shell. You connect the wiring to the jack with these quick connects, which eliminate soldering (there's a time saver right there!). The foam pyramid/piezo assembly attaches in place with self-adhesive foam, just peel and stick. And to top it off: These things are very inexpensive! So save yourself some money and a lot of aggravation and BUY Sidearms for your project. If you have any questions, Mitch is excellent to answer and make recommendations.
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Reviewed by:  from Belle, WV United States. on 8/29/2017
5 Stars
Pearl Export hybrid kit
I've tried several different external drum triggers and these are by far the best I've found. Installation is easy and clean.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 8/29/2017

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